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Suggestion Complaints and suggestions

It's an issue on the side of pornbb and, speaking from recent experience, if I wanted to upload to it or even view an image I'd have to use a VPN.
bro I m using same thing.....Its only because of pornbb server side.....It will be fixed soon and you can add images easily..
This is a suggestion
If possible please make the feature of "paying to view a whole thread" locked only to pro or better fakers because many times people (including me) have payed amounts like 100DF coins just to end up seeing edits that are not good at all and not worth what we paid. If this feature is locked to only pro fakers then atleast we can guarantee that the fakes are good.
Otherwise make it possible so that if a thread does not meet the expectations then within 1 hour of paying, we can choose to refund.
I can't post a new thread please help
You cannot create multiple threads. Create a thread and post your edits there. Dont create multiple threads
Dear team,kindly enable post thread to me...it's long time u disabled the post thread
No new threads allowed. Post only in current 5 active threads
I can't take screenchot bcz it's showing security policy

It's showing "Upload Compete" but stuck in one page. It's not going foward
bro You need to enable browser third party cookies .....thats only the reason to get stuck......or go in google chrome setting then select enable hardware acceleration option....and it will be solve..
How to use reply ban option in my thread?
anyone who knows please help me